The Rocketeer Legacy Collection Review

By bill - July 8, 2015

rocketeer-featFunko delivers the Rocketeer action figure many of us have been waiting for.

Whether we knew him from Dave Stevens’ comics or the movie adaptation, the Rocketeer is one of those characters who struck a chord for many of we impressionable geeks-in-the-making. He’s got an awesomely iconic costume, he fights Nazis and gangsters, he dates (in essence) Bettie Page, and flies around on a jet pack being held together with a wad of chewing gum. In other words, Cliff Secord is a pulp badass of the highest order, and yet despite being kid-friendly and toyetic as all hell, he’s never had a proper action figure.

Funko set out to change that, first with last year’s retro-themed ReAction Rocketeer, and now by adding the flying hero to their Legacy Collection, finally delivering the highly detailed, fully articulated 6″ figure many of us have been dreaming of for the better part of two decades. And overall, Funko nailed it– this is a pretty great figure!

The Rocketeer is based on his cinematic appearance, but because his movie design was so faithful to Stevens’ artwork, this figure can easily pass as a comic-based figure, as well. Cliff comes packed with two swappable heads– one with a portrait of actor Billy Campbell, and a second with that totally cool, finned helmet. I’m actually glad the figure opts for alternate parts instead of a removable helmet, because now both heads maintain a perfect sense of scale, with neither looking too big or too small on the body.

Like past Legacy figures, the Rocketeer is fully poseable, with a ball neck, ball shoulders and hips, a ball jointed torso (covered brilliantly by the chest flap of his jacket), half-ball elbows, ball wrists, double knees and rocker ankles. This means the figure can strike a number of great action poses, and while he still employs the awful clear, hard plastic pegs that Funko has been using for many of their Legacy toys, he feels much more sturdy and stable than some past releases in this line.

Rocketeer Legacy 018The figure includes a pistol which he can hold in his right hand, as well as the previously mentioned alternate head. Unlike the prototype, the final figure does not feature a removable jacket lapel or jet pack, but I feel these pieces are fine remaining permanently in place anyway. The sculpt is top notch overall, incredibly accurate to the film look, with a great sense of proportion. The Rocketeer’s look is one of those classic instantly recognizable silhouettes, and the figure carries this same aesthetic perfectly.

If I had one complaint about this guy, it’s the matte, soft color pallet used in his paint work. I love the metalic finish of the gold in Cliff’s helmet, the silver of his jet pack, and the sheen of his brown aviator boots and straps… but the pants and jacket especially seem a little too pastel. It’s especially weird considering the attention to the leather-like finish on the boots, which the jacket should really share but does not. The end result makes Cliff’s costume seem a little dull, and some of the detail in the beautiful sculp gets lost in that range of soft tones. Even a subtle wash would have really made the sculpting work pop, while adding a realism that would benefit the figure.

The Rocketeer is packed in the familiar Legacy Window box, which does a good job of showing the figure off. Before now, the only Rocketeer toy readily available were the very nice– yet incredibly expensive– Hot Toys and Medicom 1:6 scale figures. At only $20, Funko’s Legacy Rocketeer is vastly more affordable, and well worth that price tag. I can’t see the Rocketeer line carrying on beyond our hero, but I’d love to see Funko tackle more of these one-off, long-demanded characters in the future of their Legacy Collection. Regardless, the Rocketeer is a welcome addition for sure. It’s exciting to finally own a figure I’ve been wishing for as long as I have, and it’s even more satisfying to know that Funko did this character justice.

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