Ron Burgundy Announces Anchorman Sequel On Conan

By bill - March 29, 2012

I’m in a glass cage of emotion right now. After years of false starts and hopeful rumors, a sequel to the incredible movie Anchorman is officially a go! Will Ferrell made the announcement in-character as Ron Burgundy on Conan last night, but how did he break the news?

In true Ron Burgundy fashion, he crashed Conan’s show with a wicked jazz flute solo, being sure to take the time to insult Conan’s appearance before breaking the big news as only San Diego’s top Anchorman could. Check out the full video… including Ron’s flaming flute jam with Conan’s band!

Anchorman was released in 2004, and has become a true cult favorite since then, and deservedly so– Ron Burgundy may just be Ferrell’s greatest character, and the off-kilter 70’s world created by the star and director Adam McKay has been a place we’ve all been dying to see more of. Ferrell and McKay have been trying to get a sequel off the ground for years now, but it looked like all hope was lost in their hot-and-cold negotiations with Paramount Pictures.
But that’s all changed now, as Burgundy himself proudly announced to the world– even England– that Anchorman 2 has been confirmed!

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