S.H. Figuarts Power Rangers SPD (Space Patrol Deka) are MORPHINOMICAL!

By jayq - September 10, 2014

Power-Rangers-SPD-featS.H.Figuarts has done nothing less than amaze me with their Power Ranger product line.  Here we take a look at the Deka Rangers or known to us in the US as Power Rangers SPD (which stands for Space Patrol Deka).

Now tracking these bad boys down can be a task in and of itself. The pink and yellow rangers were both Tamashii web exclusives in Japan which drove their secondary market value over the $100 range.  With some patience you can find them under that mark but the average price is from $90-$125.  The red, blue, and green are in the ballpark of $50-70. Yes, they are a tad on the high end for most collectors, but the attention to detail and articulation make for endless posing and battle stances!

All the Deka Rangers come with interchangable sets of hands, morphers, and weapon variations for use or storage on their belts. These parts are VERY small and will be a choking hazard for small children so be cautious.  My ONLY frustration with this set was the difficulty to placing the morpher holster on the back of the belt. It always seemed to pop off and would not stay in place without more than normal force. I thought this was an isolated incident but all the Rangers had this issue. It still did not stop me from being in awe of this set!

This was the first team I completed from this line, and I cannot wait to show off the other sets as I complete them as well. The pictures do them NO justice as they are simply amazing to have in hand. All it takes is one to get you hooked! Click on the Amazon link here on the page and get started on your team today!

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