Scanning The Imperial Scannings Crews

By bill - January 2, 2014

scanning-crew-featK-Mart offers two new Star Wars sets to build your Imperial scanning crew.

One of the most refreshing things about Star Wars this year has been the focus on the Original Trilogy, and even store exclusives– such as K-Mart’s two pack figure sets– have followed the same trend.  The latest exclusive sets go all the way back to A New Hope, featuring four new Imperial figures from their search of the Millenium Falcon.

Each set contains two figures and a unique scanning unit.  Each sculpt is good, and combining both sets makes for a considerable team of Imperials.  The Death Star scanning crew includes an Imperial Technician and an officer, while the Imperial Scanning Crew features another Technician and a TK-421 Stormtrooper.

The two technicians share a body, but each features an individual headsculpt.  They look good, although basic, in their grey jumpsuits and black boots and caps, and while they won’t be at the front and center of many Death Star displays, they make for great background characters.  Each technician includes a blaster, as well.

The Imperial officer features a great sculpt of the iconic black uniform, with some brand new insignia rankings on his chest and, for the first time ever, a removable hat.  The hat is amazing– it’s cast in a think PVC so as not to be overly bulky, and fits very snugly on the figure’s head.  The officer also features a blaster, with collapsible stock.  We have seen the Stormtrooper before, and while I feel kind of burned out when it comes to Star Wars troop builders, he remains a good sculpt and a logical addition to this set.

The two scanners are also quite nice, adding flair to a Death Star display and standing out from the drab figures with their blue and red color patterns.  There’s some cool added features to both– one unit has hidden wheels in the base, allowing it to glide, while the other features a removable lid with a scanning gun and hose inside.  These are great added details that make the new pieces all the better.

Each Scanning Crew set is packed in a vintage style hanger box, and are available only at K-Mart.  Head to your local K-Mart if you want to pick up your sets.  While they may not be the flashiest Star Wars releases, they do a great job of rounding out an Imperial army for a display.

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