SDCC 19- Picard Captains A New Ship

By kastor417 - July 20, 2019

The retired captain of the USS Enterprise is set to return to the stars in this new trailer for SDCC.

The return of Picard also means the return of Data and Seven of 9 in the new CBS series. A girl comes to the retired Captain for help, which will lead him on a quest back into space. What is a surprise is the return of TNG and Voyager actors, which makes us all wonder who else is next. In All Good Things Beverly tells an old Picard all he as to do is ask and that make me wonder if Patrick Stewart also asked others in the Star Trek family to return. I also am geeking out to see how Picard has interacted with the crew of the Voyager and possibly DS9. This is a very exciting time to be a Trek fan!

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