SDCC 2012- DC Collectibles Preview Party

By kastor417 - July 13, 2012

DC Comics is stepping up their game and expanding into the 3.75 in scale of figures, and while fans thought there were only two figures to start, it turns out there’s a whole Corp on deck.

DC kicked off the Con early this year at an art galley near the convention center. On display were some famous pieces with a DC Comics twist. It was an impressive display of work ranging from a Lego sculpture of Catwoman to paintings of various characters.

The back featured tables displaying new products from DC Collectibles. There was a small selection of toys and statues to talk about– some the fans will see at the con and some for our eyes only .

What used to be DC Direct has now been rebranded as DC Collectives and they are branching out from their usual offerings. The six inch scaled figures and statues are impressive, but it was the 3.75 inch figures that really monopolized our time at the show. First off, the OA play set is an exciting possibility. First teased on G4, the set is now on display on the Con floor. The display could be a centerpiece that will drive collectors to support the new scale for the new line. It’s production all depends on the sale of the exclusives, starting with SDCC’s Kyle and Kilowog two-pack.

The other amazing figure on display is the New 52 Darkseid. The figure is massive, and while it’s not as articulated as the smaller figures, the sculpt more than makes up for it.

Finally there were a few on display that we could not take photos of, but we can tell you what we saw:

  • Harley Quinn Arkham City statue
  • Aardman Batman- Based on the shorts on Cartoon Network
  • Jim Lee Black and White Batman
  • Frank Miller Superman Statue
  • Jim Lee New 52 Superman
  • New 52 six inch figures of Green Arrow and Pandora
  • Spy vs. Spy Tanks and Helicopter Statues
  • Square Crystal with the Bat vehicle from The Dark Knight Rises etched in the center
It was a great showing and Jr even had time to give Geoff Johns some advice on the art in DC Comics.

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