SDCC 2012- Hasbro

By kastor417 - July 12, 2012

At preview night Hasbro showed off some of the best dioramas on the show floor. There was a few new items in the cases with a few mysterious customs thrown in the mix as well.


The Marvel section of the Hasbro booth was by far the busiest of the night. People were not only checking out all the new Marvel Legends, the BAF-less wave 3, and the new Marvel Universe figures but also the huge diorama of Castle Von Doom. It is by far one of the best show dioramas they have done so far.

The GI Joe section was light this year due to the push back of the movie, but the Ninja diorama was also stunning to see in person.

Transformers had an impressive diorama as well recreating a battle around a Space Bridge, but their cases were also light on new products.

Overall it was a good first night showing for the Hasbro lines, lets hope the cases fill out more as the show goes on.

Check out some of the, and check back all weekend for new pictures.

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