SDCC 2014: DC Collectibles Preview Event

By kastor417 - July 25, 2014

SDCC 14 DC Collectibles Kastors KornerDC Collectibles kicked off SDCC with a pre show event, showing off the newest figures before the Con floor even opened.

The biggest surprise of the event was how deep they are planning on going with the Batman Animated line. For fans who were going to hold off to see if the line was going to make it, DC Collectibles proves this will be the definitive line for that genre of Batman figures. The line is is going to make sure the rosters from both shows, Batman the Animated series and the New Adventures, will be completed. From the looks of it it might happen rather quickly, so get your wallets ready.

the Bombshell statures and Women of DC are also continuing, bringing a great look of the ladies of the DCU to collectors in unique looks. The Triny of stares are also continuing with new versions of Batman Black and White, Superman, and Wonder Woman. It should not be long before the Man of Steel and Amazon Princess will catch up with the Dark Knight.

The Arrow line is going to explode this year. The line will offer fans figures based on the season 2 looks of Black Canary, Arrow, Deathstroke, and Malcolm the Dark Archer. The figure were shown on a great display base, and while not all the accessories will not be part of the line, maybe they will show up down the line. The Arkham line, although pushed back, will start off with the big names in the new game. They look a big thinner and a bit more stylized than the previous games, but are a must have for any gamer. The line will start with the four shown, and most likely grow in the first year.

Like always there was a table of stuff we could not photograph, but we can tell you what we saw:

  • There were figures based on the Jae lee Superman/Batman book. The figures look amazing in person bringing Lee’s designs to life. Teased but not there were figures based on Catwoman and Wonder Woman.  They ladies are taking a little longer because of the thinner Lee designs.
  • Wonder Woman warrior statue based on a David Finch design
  • Mother Box Prop with lights and sound 
  • Harley Quinn cover girls statue, looking so classic and fun with her hammer
  • New 52 figures based on:
    • Joker
    • John Stewart 
    • Harley Quinn
  • A Scribblenauts Superman with head phones 
  • And finally the show stealer of the table, a rocket. Who’s rocket you might ask, Roxy Rocket. While they would not confirm she would be coming for the Animated line, it was clearly her ride with a stand. It just shows they want to complete the animated line and go fairly deep!
Overall one of the better showing of SDCC for figures, and will really be hard to resist getting everything we saw at the show.


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