SDCC 2015: DC Collectibles Kicks Off the Show

By kastor417 - July 9, 2015

DC Collectibles SDCC 2016 Kastor's KornerThe first stop of Comic Con 2015 was the DC Collectibles pre-Con kick off, and they wowed us all.

One of the hardest parts of covering Comic Con is the crowds. It makes it difficult for us to talk to the reps and get good pics of the figures. DC Collectibles is one of the only companies who gives us a chance to get great pictures and access so we can get you all the news from the show.

This year all the lines are continuing, with some great new additions to the Capullo line, the Animated world, Arrow & Flash, and the yet to be released Icons.

There were three new Icons on display, making it time to dump the DCUC figures for these. If the quality is improved, then these might be the most definitive DC line in history.

The Animated line is also going strong with some amazing new figures, and they are not the core team. Commissioner Gordon and Zatanna join the Demon and Ra’s al Ghul, and a few more characters give us a fun expansion of the world of Batman. The Batmobile also was there and looked amazing, we even saw Jim Lee trying to leave with it a few times.

The Arkham game figures will also continue adding to the world, and will round out some core members of  Batman’s rogues and allies. The Capullo line also is going strong with some new figures based on other artist’s designs. We also got some close up time with the new Batman and Superman statues based on the upcoming film, only shown to a few at Toy Fair. I have know about it for a while and it great to finally be able to share what I saw back in February.

There were a few things on display we could not photograph, but that does not mean we can’t tell you what they were.

In July of 2016 Animated fans will get:

  • New Adventures anti-fire suit Batman
  • Clayface with extra hands in the shapes of a ball chain, axe, hook, and a screaming head and normal face
  • Firefly
  • Harley Quinn with a second head with big popping eyes
  • A Capullo Flash, Survival Batman, Joker, and Wonder Woman
  • A Prop gun based on the Captain Cold for the CW’s The Flash
  • An Arkham Knight Batgirl/Oracle 2-pack

And some amazing new statutes:

  • Icons Lex
  • Bruce Timm Wonder Woman
  • Covergirls Raven
  • And a Powergirl Superman Bombshells acrobat themed with Superman on her shoulder.
 There will be more to come after their panel tomorrow, so check back for a few more pics and updates.

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