SDCC 2015: On the Floor with Diamond Select Toys

By kastor417 - July 13, 2015

DTS SDCC 2015Rounding out the Con we had a chance to walk through the Diamond Select booth with the man behind the Minimates and everything DTS, Zach Oat. 

After almost a week of toys the DTS booth was a gathering of wallet emptying figures, statues, and other geek -centric items.

There is almost too much to talk about, but I will hit the highlights.


After years of lines that just did not deliver DTS is finally giving us the figure we have all wanted. NECA tried almost a decade ago to do the line, but the main cast was just out of reach. Mattel tried again but between Digital River’s issues and their insane pricing fans abandoned the line. Now DTS is doing it right and with so much sculpting detail at a low price point (at least for what you get) that any Ghostbusters fan is going to jump at when they hit stores. Specialty shops will have figures with bases which will help build the rooftop scene, and it won’t be shelf size it will be table top size. This is one of the biggest back drops ever made for a figure line, and it will take a couple of years to complete. At Toys R Us some of the figures will be available but packed with some simple bases for display. There is also talks of other figures like slimed Peter and after work Ray, but nothing is definite. The line will start at the end of the year, and certainly be one everyone who waits to get in on the line will be kicking themselves.


Minimates lines will continue as one of the longest running toy lines in history. You can see from the slide panels below that Marvel will keep going, and expanding into Walgreens this Fall. The Walgreens waves will focus on animated characters, but a few are comic enough to help collectors who are new to the brand to catch up on some characters like Crossbones or Venom. In addition to Marvel, Back to the Future is picking back up for it’s 30th anniversary, with possibly one 4 pack for each of the films staring with a Back to the Future 4-pack in October. The Nightmare Before Christmas will hit shops in the next few months, as well as the newest waves from the View Askewniverse. The Askewniverse will get Vinimates, 4 inch figures based on the Minimates look, but will only be in that world. The one line that I am looking forward to is the Muppets, with the main cast hitting with wave one, and growing from there. While the novel specific films are not in the plans, variants will pop up throughout the line. The goal is to hit the main Muppets, and see where the line takes them.

DC Comics:

Gotham is getting Minimates and 7 inch figures. The 7 inch figures will come with diorama bases, but the Toys R Us versions will have simple sidewalk bases. DC Animated will really pick up over the next year with statues, vinyl banks, and busts. The expansive line of busts might become the definitive line for many collectors. It may take years to get to all the characters, but the sculpting and detail on the busts and statues bring the 2-D cartoon into the 3-D world.

We will have reviews of the two Marvel Minimate sets over the next few weeks from the show, so check back soon to see what the Avengers and Ant-man sets add to the Minimates world.

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