SDCC 2015: Hasbro Star Wars

By kastor417 - July 11, 2015

luke-skywalker-black-seriesThere is no doubt who was the talk of the show this year. With all the mystery and excitement Star Wars is what everyone is talking about.

Hasbro unveiled one of the biggest toys ever to fans yesterday afternoon, the all new Episode VII Tie Fighter and pilot. Pictures can’t do this justice, seeing it in person I was just in awe and the size and design. When it was unveiled there were a number of other toy company designers and managers in the booth acting like every other fanboy at the show. In the booth there was a case with 3 Tie Fighters with dozens of new Storm Troopers attacking them.

But that was not all that was revealed during the panel and in the booth. The cases showed off a first appearance Luke Skywalker from Episode IV for the 6 inch Black Series. The farm boy has a cloth tunic and rounds out all the major looks for Luke in the Trilogy. The only unique one left is the Dagobah training outfit, which is surely not too far away.

Along with Luke new figures spanning from Episode II to Rebels are on the way for the 6 inch line. A regular release of the Trooper is on the way, minus the SDCC packaging. Jango Fett has all the detailing of his son, and comes with his double blasters. Not a huge surprise, but a welcome addition for many fans is the inclusion of the animated characters in the 6 inch scale.  Kanan Jarrus includes his saber and pistol, but keeps the animated look in the head sculpt. He will definitely stand out mixed in with all the other Black Series figures, so not sure how fans will react to getting him and the others from Rebels that look so different. Ahsoka Tano is also coming to the Black Series, she was first unveiled at Celebration a few months back. Coming with her double sabers, her alien look helps her first in with the other live action characters. She does not look like she will stand out as much as Kanan.

In addition to the new Black Series figures, there are some new 3.75 figures on the way and mini vehicles, but there is much more to come. Unfortunately a lot of things are bing let under  wraps until Force Friday and the Holiday season.

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