SDCC 2015: Hasbro’s Marvel Legends Panel

By bill - July 12, 2015

Hasbro Marvel SDCC 2015 Kastor's KornerHasbro’s Marvel team offered some exciting previews of what’s on the horizon for Marvel’s toy universe.

Marvel Legends is going strong– one of the longest running toy lines in the industry at this point– and it’s not slowing down anytime soon.  The Marvel team at Hasbro shared some of their plans for the new year at Comic Con, including the reveal of a new wave of Spider-Man Legends, and a multi-wave assortment of Legends based on Captain America: Civil War.

The new Spidey Legends will feature a great looking Absorbing Man Build-A-Figure, as well as Ben Reilly Spider-Man (with alternate parts to turn him into Spider-Carnage), Spider-Gwen (with unmasked Gwen Stacy head), an amazing classic Venom (with two alternate heads, based on Todd McFarlane and Erik Larsen’s designs), Morbius, Speed Demon (who comes with Silvermane’s head mounted on an RC car), Jack O’Lantern, and the female Beetle.

Cap Legends will begin with a classic comic style Captain America (on the new Grim Reaper buck body), Mockingbird, and Taskmaster (with an alternate Udon mask head).  And yes, Steve Rogers will come packed with an alternate head to make Cap Wolf!  The Build-A-Figure in this wave will be the super lame Axis Red Skull/ Red Onslaught.  Series Two of Cap Legends will include Nuke, who makes for a surprisingly impressive action figure, loaded with details and lots of new tooling.  This guy’s been on Hasbro’s wish list for a while, and I’m stoked to see him finally getting his spot in a Legends series.

Other Legends on the horizon include a new Abomination, most likely a Build-A-Figure, and Namor in his modern black costume.  It looks like there is a chance we’ll see more Marvel movie characters released under the Civil War/ Cap Legends banner as well… and between her pending appearance in Civil War and Hasbro’s Dwight Stall admission that she’s at the top of his movie wish list, all signs suggest we’ll be seeing movie Scarlet Witch in the Legends line sooner than later.

The other interesting news was the re-branding of the 3.75″ Marvel line.  These guys are now also coming under the Marvel Legends umbrella, and the line will definitely be getting reinvigorated for 2016.  That’s good news for fans of the scale, as Marvel Universe/ Marvel Infinite has sort of been on the ropes for the better part of the last two years.

The new 3.75″ line will feature single figures as well as the return of comic two-packs, featuring two figures and a pack-in comic book.  Single figures include Captain marvel, Triton, Ulik, first appearance Iron-Man, and Yondu in Series One, and Fan Choice winner Gamora, Yellow Daredevil, Armored Spider-Man, Living Laser, Rage, and a new Vision in Series Two… and the most exciting news of all– Lockjaw is coming later in 2016!

Comic Packs are set to include Falcon Cap with Vance Astro, Jane Foster Thor with unworthy Thor, Machine Man and Iron-Man.  A second wave was previewed, and will include a masked Captain Marvel with a Kree soldier, and Scarlet Spider with Spider-Man.

Overall, it was a solid showing.  I’m happy for the 3.75″ collectors, who have been feeling a little out in the cold of late.  Most of the new 6″ Legends stuff looked incredible, especially the Spider-Man wave and Mockingbird.  I’m hopeful we’ll see more highly detailed, visually dynamic figure like her and Nuke in the next waves of Civil War Legends… and maybe even an All New Marvel character or two?  I can hope, right?…

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