SDCC 2015: Mezco Toyz Booth

By kastor417 - July 10, 2015

Mezco SDCC 2016 Kastor's KornerMezco Toyz may be small compared to Mattel and Hasbro, but they have really stepped up their game in the last few years. Their SDCC booth showed off just how far they have come.

The Breaking Bad line continues with a few versions of Saul in all different suits. The line has good sculpting, even with the statue like nature of the figures. With so many great characters on the show let’s hope they stop all the repaints and gets through the core cast. I mean who doesn’t want a Hank and Gomez?

The Mortal Kombat line is another that really steps up their action figure resume. The figures, in multiple scales, capture the look of the game characters perfectly. Each has multiple points of articulation, but does not skimp on the detailing or accessories. From the 12 inch to the tiny ones, they all give the look and feel of a gaming character popping off the screen as you play.

The line everyone is talking about however is the the 1:12 Collective, that now expands past the Dark Knight and Judge Dredd. Shown for the first time at the show were Superman, Space Ghost, and the Flash. Superman and Space Ghost look flawless, but the Flash feels slightly off. The seam at the neck of the costume stands out, and does not work seamlessly like the other figures. Of all the figures the most impressive was Frankenstein’s Monster. In black and white he was the show stealer of the case. Taller than the others, the figure has perfect sculpting, mixing the cloth outfit with the look of the Universal monster brought to life by Boris Karloff.

The articulation and overall look of the figures are impressive, and I could see how once you start down that road it will be hard to stop.

Finally the Tygra 12 inch figure was on display. It rounds out the core adults of the team, which are now only missing Jaga and the cubs. With so long between each figure it is certain this will end the line, but they are still impressive representation of the 80’s characters.

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