SDCC 2015: Minimates Exclusive Avengers Set

By kastor417 - July 21, 2015

SDCC Minimates Ultron Kastor's KornerThere were two exclusive Minimate sets at SDCC this year. One of them helps to round out the cast of the Age of Ultron.

The set includes five figures, but only four characters. Two of the figures in the set are Tony Stark, one in a suit and one in his Iron Man suit. The Iron Man suit has no texture to it like previous armors, and has a removable helmet with a hair piece. The Tony figure is from the party scene in the film, with a jacket and vest. He also has an armored hand, to recreate the scene of him trying to move the hammer.

There are two bots in the set too, Ultron and an Iron Legion #1 drone. The drone has a matte finish on him, differentiating him from the Iron Man armors. The colors on him do stand out in a sea of red and gold. Ultron comes with alternate parts making him a true Minimate or one with claws on his feet and hands. He is also larger the the average figure, giving him the proper height for the characters. Add in the bicep pads and he is one imposing figure for a minimate.

The final figure is Nick Fury, with two heads. One with his skull cap and eye patch and one without both. The figure is in his post Director Fury outfit, and is a great addition to the Marvel movie line.

So why do you need this set? It has a lot of repeat or plain figures, but is a perfect convention exclusive. it does not offer anything so important most fans will be mad if they don’t get. It is reasonably priced, and should be easy to find online. Finally it is just a fun set to have, Ultron alone if worth tracking down the set.

So even if you did not get to SDCC check the AFX site or one of your favorite online retailers, and grab this perfect addition to your Avengers world.

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