SDCC 2015: Mondo’s TMNT Toys Are Insane

By kastor417 - July 12, 2015

Mondo-TMNTMondo debuts their stunning Mirage Comics inspired Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and more.

Mondo has made a name for themselves releasing some of the most incredible high art movie posters, based on the best of modern cinema as well as classics, and in 2014 they branched off into toys, with some really gorgeous pieces like their colossal Iron Giant action figure.

At Comic Con, they revealed a whole new lineup of toys and collectibles, including some cool Hellboy pieces as well as all new sculpts of the gross-out staple of the 80s, Madballs (!!!)… but the centerpiece of Mondo’s latest display is without a doubt the new 1/6th scale Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles figures.

Based on the original Mirage comic book appearance of the Turtles– but with the unique skin tones and colored bandanas of the vintage Playmates toys– these figures are a true sight to behold.  The sculpts are beautiful, with an astonishing amount of detail, and a perfect sense on scale.  The articulation looks to be spectacular, and each figure is loaded with accessories.  In addition to their signature weapons, these guys come packed with alternate heads (so you can outfit them all with matching red masks, or have Raphael go unmasked), pre-mutated turtles, pre-mutated Splinter, and an Utrom.  From the gnarled fur on Splinter, to the weathering on the Turtles’ shells, there is just so much detail in these sculpts, and it’s all highlit by the wonderful paint work, offering a more subtle take on the ink line deco employed when NECA took their legendary stab at the comic book Ninja Turtles.

These are, without hyperbole, the definitive TMNT figures.  Mondo really pulled out all the stops, and did something special with these characters.  It’s really next level work, in terms of design, sculpting, paint and subtle detail.  I totally love these guys.

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