SDCC 2016- Bluefin Booth Walkthrough

By kastor417 - July 28, 2016

Bluefin SDCC16 Kastors KornerThere were a ton of amazing things to see at Comic Con, but Bluefin might have been the booth to beat.

My childhood is alive and kicking thanks to Bluefin, and it looks it will keep going from the list of figures coming out over the next year. I keep trying to figure out who is the star of the booth, but every time I do I change my mind. So I guess I will just go around the booth telling you how much I geeked out about everything.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are growing fast with the four main turtles released by the end of the year, and from the looks of the display Shredder is not far behind. The Shredder has metallic spikes and appears to be taller than the turtles. The figure is on par for sculpting and articulation, bringing the cartoon look to life. The first Ghostbuster figure was also on display, and while small for the character the Stay Puffed Marshmallow Man might be perfect for the Ghostbuster Minimates.

The Figurarts line is really getting into the DC world with new figures based on both the Ledger and Leto Jokers. Both look utterly amazing, accessories and full articulation is not yet known, but if they are anything like the Marvel figures they will be the definitive figures for many collectors. Bale’s Batman from the Dark Knight was also on display, and again with the static display pose it is hard to tell how much collectors will be do with the figure. Finally Harley Quinn from the upcoming Suicide Squad film was on display, and it was hard to leave her in San Diego. From her pigtails to heels she is a perfect representation of the actor, and she will come with three faces, extra hands, gun, and baseball bat. The WWE is also expanding also adding HHH to the Rock and Steve Austin, with equal articulation so you can do all the guys signature moves.

The Japanese inspired Star Wars line will continue, with Spider-man being added to that style. The jaw dropper for me was as I left the booth. Voltron and Toy Story looked utterly amazing in person, taking the original looks and bringing them into the modern toy world. The Voltron Lions look like i remember from the early 80’s toys with chromed limbs, but the increased articulation only adds to the figures. I know the figures from the 80’s did not look this good, but in my head as a five year old this is what the toys looked like.

Bluefin expands it’s reach collectors will have much lighter wallets in the next few years!

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