SDCC 2016- Diamond Select Toys- Minimates and More

By kastor417 - July 28, 2016

DST SDCC16 Kastors KornerThere were more than Minimates in the Diamond Select Toys booth at Comic Con, so collectors start saving up.

Minimates are going strong as one of the longest running toy lines out there today, and with new properties on the way they show no signs of stopping. The Marvel line continues with a wave based on the upcoming Dr. Strange film as well as the Netflix series based figures. The Marvel comic based lines are also reaching deep picking characters from the 70’s and 80’s to round out some teams and fan lists of most wanted characters.The Netflix line kicked off with a Daredevil/Punisher 2 pack that sold out before Saturday, but we got ours thanks to our friends at DST and will have a look at the set next week during our SDCC Exclusive toy week. The partnership with Walgreens will continue, and both sides are aware of the distribution issues and are working on a solution, so if you don’t see them in your stores say something! There are also more Minimates coming from Ghostbusters, Muppets, and others in the next year!

One of the highlights of the booth were the PVC statues, they were just marvelous. The detailed sculpting and paint colors, make these affordable for collectors who can’t get the higher end pieces for their collections. Spider-man is on my list, and the Hulk might be an impulse buy when I see him in stores. There are times when you want to bring something nice for your office but don’t want to bring a $1000 Sideshow statue, so these PVC statues are perfect.

The Select lines are also producing some of the best figures on the market today. Marvel has a smaller line up for this year with Civil War heroes and Dr. Strange, and also a comic inspired Destroyer armor with Odin head. The new Muppets look the best in person, even though the Ghostbusters are the most impressive scale wise with that amazing background. Even with the TV show ending DST has not plans of ending the Muppets line with series two hitting stores soon, with series three later this year. The Vinimates line is also continuing premiering Beatlejuice and Buddy the elf with regular minimates also in the works for both properties.

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