SDCC 2016: A New ‘Fantastic Beasts’ Trailer Materializes

By bill - July 24, 2016

fantastic-beastsSee the new Comic-Con trailer for the newest film from the Potterverse.

One of the biggest charms of the Harry Potter saga was the incredibly rich and fully realized Wizarding World created by JK Rowling.  That world begged to be explored, beyond the walls of Hogwart’s, and the first non-Potter tale in this universe is on the way in Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them, which debuted a brand new trailer at Comic-Con.

What I love about this trailer is the perfect balance it strikes between the familiar and the unique.  The look and tropes of the Potter films are all over this trailer– wizards weilding wands, carrying ratty leather suitcases, and try to keep magic hidden from humans– while telling a completely different kind of story.  This footage definitely has a quirkiness that feels more whimsical than the later Potter movies, but less juvenile than Harry’s first few years.

I dig it… This may not be the YA-inspired movie I’m looking forward to the most (Miss Peregrine still wears that crown), but Fantastic Beasts sure does look like a lot of fun.  See for yourself!

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