SDCC 2016: Here Are Hasbro’s New Marvel Legends

By bill - July 24, 2016

Hasbro-ML-SDCCHasbro has revealed official images and lineups for Doctor Strange Legends, new Spider-Man Legends, new X-Men, new Guardians of the Galaxy, and much more.

Yesterday was the Marvel team from Hasbro’s Comic-Con panel, and Khalil will have a full recap of what might have been the most exciting hour of SDCC, but in the meantime we wanted to share a breakdown of what to expect over the next six months of Marvel Legends’ amazing run.

Doctor Strange Legends: This six-figure wave includes movie-style figures of Doctor Strange and Baron Mordo, along with Nico, a new Iron Fist (complete with killer bandage wrapped alternate hands), and retools based on last year’s Now! Doctor Strange and Brother Voodoo.  Each figure includes a Build-A-Figure piece for a newly repainted Dormammu, originally released as part of last summer’s SDCC exclusive box set.  Doctor Strange Legends should hit retail this fall, in advance of the movie in November.

Spider-Man Legends: A new wave of Spider-Man Legends was also revealed, including all new sculpts of Green Goblin Black Costume Spider-Man, a classic-as-hell Jackal, Spider-Man UK, the new Spider-Man 2099, and Ms. Marvel herself, Kamala Khan… complete with alternate, giant size hands.  The Build-A-Figure of this wave was not confirmed, but it’s gotta be Sandman, right?  I mean, we’ve got the all-sand variant in this year’s Raft box set… so a full color version of that sculpt seems like a safe bet.

X-Men Legends: The first wave of X-Men Legends was incredibly well received (and rightly so!) so it shouldn’t be a surprise that Hasbro confirmed the long-rumored second wave for release in 2017.  The new lineup includes vintage disco-suited Dazzler, complete with roller skates, Sunfire, Jim Lee Cyclops, Polaris, and a big Colossus that clocks in at 7.5″ tall.  The Build-A-Figure in this wave is the New Mutant Warlock, and he looked perfect.

Guardians of the Galaxy Legends: Speaking of runaway hits, Guardians of the Galaxy remains Marvel Studios’ biggest unpredicted smash, and Hasbro is throwing their support behind Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 in 2017.  The first wave of figures will include 2015 Fan Poll winner Angela, Darkhawk, Kid Nova, and Vance Astro, as well as two movie figures which Hasbro is keeping under wraps for now.  Who will they be?  There’s TONS of possibilities, whether it’s updates of the core team (pleasepleasePLEASE, let’s get a Baby Groot), plus returning characters who never got the toy treatment like Nebula or Yondu, AND all new characters like Kurt Russell’s Ego or Mantis. Hasbro really got behind the first Guardians movie with an impressively expansive toy line, and with the sequel being even more eagerly anticipated, I’m betting we’ll see more than one wave of GOTG Legends in 2017.  In the meantime, the wave revealed at Comic-Con will be rounded out with a Build-A-Figure Titus, the fallen Nova Corps member from the comics.

3.75″ Legends: The 6″ Legends remained the star of the show, but Hasbro also showed off some new 3.75″ figures, as well.  The next set of comic two-packs helps build the comic-based Guardians of the Galaxy, with repaints of Star Lord, Gamora, and Rocket Raccoon, as well as an all new fully grown Groot.  2017’s figure wave of single figures will include X-23 Wolverine, Lady Deadpool with Squirrelpool, Spider-Man UK, Maestro, Moon Knight, and Civil War II Iron-Man.

Check back later today for Khalil’s recap of the Hasbro Marvel panel, and new photos from Hasbro’s booth at Comic-Con… which new figure got you the most excited?  Let us know in the comments!

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