SDCC 2016- Interview With Steve Evans From Hasbro’s Star Wars Team

By kastor417 - July 31, 2016

SDCC 2016 Kastors Korner Star WarsWe had the chance to talk with part of the Hasbro Star Wars team at Comic Con, Steve Evans. 

The world of Star Wars has always been huge, but with a movie a year over the next decade or so we will be flooded with Star Wars merchandise. The panel at the show was such a big deal that the Mattel panel on the other side of the building was light on attendees because no one wanted to miss one min of the Star Wars toy panel. After the panel part of the Star Wars team talked with us in a “quiet” part of the Hasbro booth to talk about the future of the line, and how things have evolved over time for the figure we all love to collect.


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