SDCC 2017: DC Collectibles

By kastor417 - July 20, 2017

DC Collectibles kicked off Comic Con with a fun event, showcasing their newest line of Essentials.

Every year DC Collectibles kicks off the show with a little gathering to give the press the first look at the upcoming products. This year not only did we get to figures and statues for the next year but way beyond. The focus of the event was the Essentials, but lets see what else was in the room first.

The statues are such a big part of what they do, and they do it so well. The bombshells are coming to an close in the statuses line to be replaces with the Covergirls. They are just as stunning, but add a modern look with Batgirl taking a selfie and Supergirl enjoying the wind in her hair. They are joined but the Gotham Garage, a line that was kicked off by Catwoman, but quickly will be joined by Supergirl, Wonder Woman, and Batgirl. All look stunning in this ascetic and is sure to attract new collectors. Harley’s Black White and Red line is also continuing with a few new looks to compliment the Batman Black and White line which as some new pieces on the way.

With the Bombshells ending they have found a new life in figure form with the line expanding in the next few years, with not only the ladies but also a few fellas. Joker will join the line with the WWII style Harley in 2018, opening up even more possibilities for the line.

What was lacking was the Animated line, there was lots of hope but honestly not enough consumer support. So we will see some more packs like the Harley and Joker, but not much else to talk about beyond the Joker-mobile. It was a stunning piece which will compliment the Batmobile of the line.

The Designer lines will continue, and they are the perfect line for those of us love our “desk toys”, small statues and figures which allow us to jump in and out without having to get them all. Some are big iconic moments some at a lower price and perfect to let your personality show in your offices.

The real stars of the room were the new line up of Essentials. So here we go again, another line to get the same figures again. So what happened to Icons? Well they listened to the fans, the scale is off so they went back to their standard scale of 6.5 inches. So are they New52? Rebirth? Classic DC? The first wave is a little but of everything, but the quality, the detail are all what you would expect from DC Collectibles. Will this line go the distance? It is all in your hands, but honestly it should because it is better than an other DC figures on the market today. So go into your comic shops and make sure they pre-order them for you to make sure this line keeps going!

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