SDCC 2017: Mezco Toyz’ Awesome New One:12 Collective Reveals

By bill - July 25, 2017

Mezco wins the battle of the Ragnarok Hulk toys with the show stopping One:12 Collective edition.

The One:12 Collective from Mezco was well represented at Comic Con, with a mix of updated figures first revealed at Toy Fair last February, the real world debut of some recently announced figures, and a few total surprises.

Catwoman and Batman Beyond were announced right before SDCC opened, and the figures look even better in person.  The multiple heads with Catwoman all looked great, and she makes great use of Mezco’s promising female base body. I wish Batman Beyond included an unmasked Terry McGuiness head, but both alternate facial expressions looked awesome, as do his eye catching red wings.

“Punk” Joker was the biggest DC surprise, answering the question of how Mezco will address releasing popular characters after their first editions sell out.  And a movie style Aquaman, based on his costume from Justice League, will join the team alongside the previously released Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman.

There were a few new Marvel reveals, all based in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  Thor from Ragnarok promises to be a solid toy, and the Homecoming Spider-Man should be lots of fun… but it’s the Ragnarok gladiator Hulk who reigned supreme.  From the sculpt, to the articulation, to the detailing in his costume and paint work, this guy is a perfect toy rendering of the character from the upcoming MCU film.

Of course, we also got to see “Bones” from Star Trek, the Ghostbusters, the pair of zombies from Dawn of the Dead, and Popeye, as well as a killer new Michael Myers from Halloween.  Fans have been clamoring for a new figure based on the original slasher, and by all accounts Mezco certainly delivered.

Check out our complete One:12 Collective gallery from Comic Con below!

(Photos by Khalil Quotap)

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