SDCC 2018- DC Collectibles Has A Lot of Statues

By kastor417 - July 19, 2018

At SDCC this year DC Collectibles showed off a lot of new statues for collectors in 2018 and beyond with a few figures fans have been waiting for. 

The booth space for DC Collectibles is full of toys, but this year the focus is squarely on statues. From the Black and White Line to Harley Quinn there is no shortage of great collector pieces coming to fans. The Artist Alley line is also expanding give new looks and interactions of the famous DC Characters.

Even though there was a storage of figures in the cases there are a few amazing one on the way. The Animated line will continue in one form or another, though it will expand the Justice League. It will round out some big names of the original series though before they expand. We will also see more from the Essentals, hopefully this will finally be “THE” DC line for collectors moving forward.

Overall it was a good showing, though lighter than the bigger toy companies what they did will make sure to take a piece of collectors wallets.

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