SDCC 2018: Kotobukiya – Comics, and Star Wars, and More!

By bill - July 19, 2018

Check out Kotobukiya’s excellent Comic Con showcase!

There was a lot to love at Kotobukiya’s SDCC showcase. The Art FX+ Star Wars line continues to impress with their Last Jedi line, and some gorgeous looking Bounty Hunters.

The Art FX Infinity War collection is growing, as is the comic-based Defenders set, and the fun 1:10 scale X-Men, which look like they stepped straight out of the 90s animated series (complete with awesome retro box art based on the old school Toy Biz action figures).

The Joker and Harley Quinn will join Kotobukiya’s outstanding Batman: the Animated Series Art FX piece, and the DC Ikemen statues look great, with Nightwing to be followed by Red Hood and then Damian Wayne. The Bishoujo Collection ventures further into horror, with awesome female designs based on Pinhead and Michael Myers on the horizon.

Check out photos from Kotobukiya’s booth at Comic Con below!

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