SDCC 2018: NECA From the Floor

By bill - July 21, 2018

Here’s a look at NECA’s mind-blowing Comic Con showcase.

The first half of 2018 was relatively quiet for NECA, but San Diego Comic Con showed them roar back with one of their most interesting, exciting, and toy-packed displays in a long time. There were not only reveals of long-awaited figures from properties like The Predator, new installments from stalwart lines such as Aliens and Terminator, and lots of complete left-field surprises. Let’s break it down…

There’s two Predator figures coming from Shane Black’s 2018 sequel/ reboot, the Fugitive Predator and the monstrous and massive Assassin Predator, the heavy in the new film. A new Kenner tribute Predator also made his debut, Lasershot (read more about him and NECA’s other Kenner inspired figures here).

Stripe will be joining the Ultimate Gremlins collection before the end of the year, meaning we’ll have plenty of plastic chaos in time for this holiday season. 2019 will see the release of the long-awaited Alien: Resurrection toys, including an in-scale Newborn and Ripley 8. It’s not the best chapter of the Aliens saga, but NECA’s sculpts are spot-on to their cinematic designs.

We got our first look at the new design of Michael Myers from the Halloween reboot, and he looks cool… very creepy but still human unlike the totally miscalculated Rob Zombie design. There were a LOT of surprises by way of The Terminator. Not only did NECA reveal a line of Kenner tribute figures, they unveiled their first, ever John Connor action figure, slated to 2019 release. The sculpt is fantastic, with a great portrait of Eddie Furlong… he essentially rounds out the lineup of main characters from T2, which is super exciting.

The Mego-style 8″ clothed figure line had even more surprises. We’re getting the Golden Girls, Ace Ventura (with three alternate heads featuring some iconic Jim Carrey expressions), and an outstanding collection of Karate Kid figures, including Daniel, Mr. Miyagi, and Johnny in both his Cobra Kai gi and skeleton Halloween costume.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is an interesting property for NECA. They’ve been very shrewd in their efforts to release high quality products from all over the TMNT universe, despite heavy restrictions in place due to Playmates Toys’ master toy license. But in addition to the awesome SDCC exclusive 7″ movie Turtles box set, NECA’s booth also featured a first look at the 18″ Foot Ninja, as well as a Turtles In Time-inspired Leatherhead, who will be joining the Rock Soldiers and Slash from the Dimension X set, which still has no determined release date or format. I’m confident we’ll find out how this set will be released in very short order… and I cannot wait.

Check out our full gallery from NECA’s Comic Con booth below!

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