SDCC 2018- Vinimates And Minimates Keep Coming

By kastor417 - July 23, 2018

One of the longest running lines of toys is still around and has a lot more to offer collectors. 

I like to say this is the little line that could, but only because of the size of figures. Fans have been worried since the closing of Toys R Us that the line was in trouble, and honestly it has hit some speed bumps, but more is coming. The big news to come out of the show is that Walgreens has stepped up to get fans the last Toys R Us wave, and we will see the first comic based wave coming out later this year. I know there is some concern over Walgreens taking on more Minimates, but it will allow all the figure we have seen to get out in one way or another. They are working on an on line option for them too, which we will hear more about later in the year. The toy market is upside down right now, but with the holiday season coming up and new options possible there might be more ways to get us figures. The best way to help is make sure you preorder as much as you can and make sure your shops carry the line. But it is not all about Marvel we got to see new ‘Mates from Kingdom Hearts and rumors of John Wick.

Vinimates is also growing with Kingdom Hearts, DC films, John Wick (maybe), and of course my favorite classic DC comics. This line is made for your desk but they are really growing on me as a fun line to collect and pose.


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