SDCC 2019- Diamond Select Toys

By kastor417 - August 15, 2019

Diamond Select had a good showing this year at SDCC, with new figures like the Rocketeer and more statues that will only make us all wonder where we put it all. 

Missing from this year’s show was the annual Minimates panel, but what was lacking in ‘mates was made up for in everything else DST is doing over the next few years. The cases were packed for sure, so much so I know a few things they had to show off could not fit in the cases. From Marvel to DC, from Disney to HBO, and from animated to live action there was no shortage of items for everyone in the booth and at the panel. The standouts this year for most fans were the statues and the new Marvel Select figures on display. We may have to wait a bit for some of them but getting them right with all the right accessories makes these Marvel Select Endgame figures worth it. The details on Iron Man and Hulk might make these my standard figures, and with more planned (we hope) there is a lot to buy. We will also get a Sony Spider-man based on the PS4 game. The color and sculpt work on the figure might make this one of the best Spider-man figures on the market.

The statue game was also strong and with the inclusion of Gentle Giant to the DST offerings there is now Star Wars coming to your favorite comic shops. The was also a lot of X-men love in the booth from the mini cute statues to the cell shaded Animated X-men busts it is good time to be a fan of the famous mutants, and should tide us over while we wait for the MCU to add them in. By far my favorite thin in the whole booth was the Disney Select line which will feature a Select scale Rocketeer figure. One of the most underrated Superhero movies, and one that did not have a lot of merchandise at the time.

DST remains one of my favorite companies not only for the variety of items they give fans, but they accessibly to the fans. They talk to everyone and hold regular online Q&A’s. So let them know what you want and you just might see it some day. I mean really who thought we would ever get classic Tron figures in the Select scale in 2020?


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