SDCC 2019- Mattel Brings Dinos, WWE, Masters, and Wraps Multiverse

By kastor417 - August 15, 2019

For some of us our time with Mattel is ending while others things have never looked brighter considering all the new items shown off at SDCC.

Mattel showed off the final wave of DC Multiverse with a display of the line in the booth, but it was hard to find. There were clearly showing off the new MOTU line as well as all the WWE and Jurassic Park/World toys on the way. The new MOTU line is sure to be hit with fans, going back to the roots of the line in scale and design. Speaking of the old look of MOTU WWE is doing a line inspired by that look that got it’s first reveal at SDCC, along with the long awaited arrival of a classic Chyna figure. The Dino world is looking to expand to the 6 inch market, while the smaller scale line is still going it will take a lot of fan support for the bigger line to have legs, so make sure to jump on it and let them know you want more. We will have looks at some of the exclusives coming up in the next month for sure and stay tuned for our reviews of the last two waves of Multiverse.

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