SDCC 2018- Diamond Select Toys Reveals A Lot At The Con

By kastor417 - July 23, 2018

Diamond Select Toys has always brought some great products to market, but this year the cases were full of something for everyone at all price ranges.

The cases were full at the Diamond Select booth this year at SDCC, from action figures, to Minimates, to statues there is no shortage of things for collectors to get this year. I covered the minimates earlier today, but the bottom line for both is to order, order, order.  Diamond Select Toys seems to be a very nimble company, able to do a little bit of everything, and able to get into a lot of retailers. The most impressive showing at the Con was all the statues. There are a few levels, ranging from $45 to over $200, but regardless of the price they the quality does not diminish. There is a lot coming to Gamestop even as rumors of financial issues down the road, and a lot to specialty shops. The problem is a lot of the smaller shops are not going to carry it all so make sure you do the preorders. Marvel Select will continue and while we don’t know what is coming to the Disney Store there are a few more coming for 2018.

Check out the panel and booth images below.

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