SDCC 2014: Hasbro Transformers

By kastor417 - July 25, 2014

SDCC 14 Hasbro Transformers Kastors KornerHasbro has brought the world of Transformers to SDCC, showing off some old friends and new faces.


The main focus of the world of Transformers toys at SDCC 2014 is clearly the new movie universe. The first three films wrapped up a trilogy and the newest film kicked off a whole new world for collectors and fans to jump into.

After the reveals at Botcon of fan demanded Generations style Acrcee, the Transformer team showed off a few new faces. They are bringing back the combiners, taking individual bots to create one massive bot. They have done it in the past but the new versions are huge, and look imposing next to other bots. They look to combine them just like the old toy days, making sure to retain the individual look of each bot within the larger bot.

I also got to play with a few of the movie toys at the Hasbro event, and i have to say even though the movie toys aren’t geared toward the G1 fans, they are fun. They have given these figures¬†easy transforming features and accurate character designs , and put the on screen characters in kids hands. It reminds me of the figure I had as a kid, and i can see them becoming new memories for a whole new generation of Transformers fans.

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