SDCC 2017: NECA Owned Comic Con This Year

By bill - July 28, 2017

Once again, NECA pretty much won Comic Con.

NECA is always one of the top booths at San Diego Comic Con, and their 2017 showcase was no exception.  There was so much cool new stuff on display!!!

Speaking of arcade game figures, the Aliens vs. Predator series is awesome! Not only are these creatures game-accurate in their sculpts, they feature some of the best game-deco paint apps I have ever seen on a three dimensional toy.  The highlights on the Predators’ muscles is flawless, and the bizarre traits of the Razor Claws, Chrysalis, and Arachnoid Aliens make this trio stand out from your average Xenomorph.  This is an entirely new corner of the universe for NECA’s long running Alien and Predator lines, and it’s a very smart path to choose.

But the biggest surprise in NECA’s Comic Con showing was the new Guillermo Del Toro Signature Collection, which is kicking off with the Faun and Pale Man from Pan’s Labyrinth, as well as Santi from The Devil’s Backbone.  It appears the Pan creatures will be the same size as most NECA 7″ figures, while Santi is considerably smaller… but includes a display base with mortar shell.  Each figure was sculpted with all the screen accurate detail we’ve come to expect from NECA, but what makes this series unique is that it seems to revolve around GDT as opposed to a single one of his films. How far into the director’s catalog this goes is a mystery for now… but I’m intrigued to see what could come next.

Check out our full NECA gallery below, including even more Q-scale reveals, new Evil Dead action figures, debut figures from Valerian and Blade Runner, and lots more!

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