SDCC 2012- Mattel

By kastor417 - July 12, 2012

During Preview night the Mattel cases had a lot of empty space, full of small signs telling fans to come to the panels to find out what will fill the cases through the rest of the convention. There were however some fun surprises in store on the floor. 

The MOTU Dragon

The biggest surprise was Granamyr. Seeing the MOTU dragon sitting in the case with articulation made me want to buy him on the spot.

Look at the a reason to keep Spector

The next weapons pack was also on display with accessories that have been hinted at and highly demanded by the fans.

The DC section of the booth was by far the most disappointing. After seeing all the great figures by DC Collectibles, it just reinforced that collecting DC products from Mattel may be coming to an end for many people.

The Ghostbusters and Voltron displays were full of figures, but nothing fans have not already seen at other shows.  Until the fan panels this weekend this booth is sparse. Hopefully MOTU will not be the only section getting additions.

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