SDCC 2018- Star Wars: Enter The Archives

By kastor417 - July 23, 2018

The Star Wars lines at SDCC were crowd pleasers and quite a blow for those Ebay scalpers.

One of the best things Hasbro has been doing is make sure everyone has a chance to get their product. As collectors we blame Hasbro for everything. They don’t control the ports or the ships, nor can that make Target and Walmart actually put out the product. What they can control is the ability to make sure those eBay scalpers don’t abuse new collectors. They are starting an Archive Line, which will give fans a chance who came on late or want an updated rescan head to get some of the early figures in the line. Since we will see the complete line of Bounty Hunters by the end of the year, a few of the older ones will see a rerelease, and this is a first for the Black series. We have seen it over and over in the 3.75 inch line, but not yet in Black. It is an exciting time to be a collector and those who slept on the Rebels I think they might be on the short list to see their way into the Archives.

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