SDToys is Coming Back to NY!

By staff-writers - September 28, 2015

SDToys nycc banner

SDToys is coming back to  NY!

As you know, the last year we made our US debut in the amazing New York Comic Con’14, which, among other things, served us as a guide of american customers tastes. This year we come back with more amazing stuff ready to roll the NYCC’15 carpet… and your eyes! Please, take a look at our new products and product lines in our Booth #369!



*  BATMOBILE METAL MODEL KIT 3D! Build the 1966 and 1989 Batman Batmobiles with your own hands with our new and shiny metal model Kits. Each one comes with fully comprehensive instructions so you can build these amazing 10 inch metal models. ALSO: First look at the new Batmobile models for the 4 inch series: 1941 original bat mobile and the fan favorite 2007’s Tumblr from the Christopher Nolan Batman movie Trilogy.  A don’t miss item!


* PIXEL COLLECTION! Finally available!  Based on popular comics,movies and Tv Shows, our new 3 inches vinyl figures are super cute and adorable. The first two 4 figures sets are based on the most watched show on Tv: The Big Bang Theory! Set one includes: Sheldon (Green Lantern T-shirt), Amy, Leonard and Penny. Set two includes: Sheldon (Flash T-shirt), Raj, Howard and Bernadette. This will be the first time we sell this items, so make sure don’t miss the chance to be one of the first worldwide buyers!


Upcoming sets: The Matrix, The Vampire Diaries, The Warriors and more. Stay tunned!


* Do it yourself:  This fun do-it-yourself Super Dough Modeling Sets come with modeling material, tools, and instructions. Great for fans of the DC Comics Universe such as Batman, Superman, The Flash, Green Lantern and more! Ages 3 and up. A perfect gift for this next christmas.


* DC COMICS: Another new products we’re selling like cookies these days are the new Batman and Superman aprons (w/oven mitt). They come in a glass jarr, so you can fill it with cookies later. See what i did there? 😉 Also available in our NYCC stand: Our Batman & Superman silicon baking molds for cakes!





Showcased in our stand, NYCC’15 visitors can also see…


* CTHULHU!  Straight outta R’lyeh!  One of our next line of products will be focused on the H.P. Lovecraft magnificent creation, Cthulhu. The alien from space who we, as you should, worship every day, is coming to SDToys in several shapes and forms. Look for Cthulhu as an Stressdoll, action figure, keychains, t-Shirts and even a Bell. Make it sound… if you dare!


* THE BLUES BROTHERS! Several years ago, SDToys made two figures based on The Blues Brothers, the cult movie starring John Belushi and Dan Akroyd. They were a complete success. Now, we’re gonna made the again! Take a look at the samples of these two icons on our stand.


* THE BIG BANG THEORY! Sheldon and Howard 7-inch scale collectible figures! At last coming to the US after selling only in europe, the first figures from the WB hit show come to your house. The 7 inches Sheldon cooper figure showcases him with his Green Lantern T-shirt. Includes a messenger bag that can be draped over his shoulder, and as a cool added bonus, his whiteboard featuring a complex formula on… the decay of the top quark in electroweak theory and physics beyond the Standard Model! Howard brings his own sense of style with his eclectic clothing (look at that New Wave belt) and the option to switch-out his left hand with one holding a space helmet!

The figures will be available in the US in january 2016 and you can see ’em in our stand. Come and take a look!

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