Serenity Now! A Look at the Firefly ReAction Collection

By bill - September 26, 2014

reaction-firefly-featJoss Whedon’s space western goes retro with a cool new assortment of ReAction figures.

In general, I’ve preferred the vintage properties when it comes to Funko and Super7’s ReAction toys, but one more modern property which really worked for me was Firefly.  The cult classic TV show is incredibly well loved, yet weirdly under-represented in terms of merchandising (much like Game of Thrones was a year ago… I think this is part of Funko’s niche).  So I’m glad to see the short lived space opera getting some toy love for the first time in a while.

The retro design of these figures works well for the property, as far as I’m concerned.  While it was released years later, Firefly tapped into a classic sci-fi vibe, shared by the likes of Star Wars and Star Trek, so it seems fitting to get some retro toys based on a classic-skewing show.  As for the lineup itself, we get the majority of the core cast, the crew of the Serenity– Captain Mal, Jayne, Kaylee, Zoe and Wash.  They look great together, with a good sense of scale and a similar enough color pallet to actually look like a (rag tag) crew.

ReAction Firefly 020Each figure features the standard five points of articulation and at least one accessory– Mal gets his revolver, Kaylee her wrench, Jayne a rifle and a pistol, Zoe her rifle and Wash a pair of awesome in scale dinosaur toys.  The gear certainly fits for each character, and adds to the value and fun factor of these guys.

ReAction figures, like their Kenner predecessors, don’t really go for actor likenesses, but most of the faces at least bear a passing resemblance to their characters… The closest we get to a portrait is Wash, without a doubt the best figure overall.  His face not only reads as Alan Tudyk but truly captures an early 80s/ OG 13 GI Joe vibe.  Combined with his awesome accessories and well done Hawaiian shirt, he’s a definite winner.

ReAction Firefly 012

It’s awesome to see two women in this lineup, although I’m bummed that Zoe and Kaylee’s face sculpts are by far the worst of the bunch, with an odd, pinched effect on their proportions and a little too much similarity in their overall face structures.  They are both perfectly passable, and I love the sculpted details on each of them, from Kaylee’s patch-covered jumpsuit to Zoe’s vest, belt and necklace.

Mal and Jayne fall right in the middle of the road– they look cool and can easily be recognized by their cartoony faces and iconic outfits.  He’s tougher to come by, but I would strongly suggest the Browncoat Captain Mal, originally a Comic Con exclusives.  He’s identical to the standard figure, but sports a soft good brown duster which finishes off the figure in a great way.

Overall, the Firefly ReAction figures are pretty cool, and would serve as a great buy for die hard fans of the cult series.  Funko will be releasing a 6″ Legacy collection for the property as well, so if you’re looking for screen accurate, highly detailed Firefly toys, you should probably be patient.  But if you’re into the ReAction style and want a fun one-off set that effectively completes the crew in one go (or are just enamored by the idea of Malcom Reynolds teaming up with Luke Skywalker), then these figures are for you.

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