Here’s Series Two of Funko & Super7’s Alien ReAction Figures

By bill - September 17, 2014

alien-reaction-ser-2-featHere is the lineup and a first look at the second wave of retro Alien figures.

Super7’s blind box Comic Con exclusives, the Deep Space Mystery figures, shed some light that we’d be seeing both Ripley in her Nostromo space suit and chest-bursted Kane within the Alien ReAction collection, but now we know the full lineup for the sophomore wave– Ripley in her away suit, chest burster Kane, Kane with face hugger, and a new metallic deco Alien.

That’s not a bad lineup, and the figures look pretty good– I’m bummed about the apparent lack of painted details on Ripley’s space suit, but the sculpt (shared from the Series One Kane?) looks quite nice.  Kane is getting some flack, but between John Hurt never offering his likeness for anything, and having the chest burster sculpt in-hand, I think he fits in well with the rest of the figures.

I love Alien, so maybe I’m an easy mark, but I’m totally happy with this new assortment, and it’s awesome that they’re coming way sooner than expected… Entertainment Earth (who was the first to release these images) has them set for preorder, due in November.  Click Here if you want to place your order.

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