Shirt.Woot Disses Mass Effect 3 In Style

By bill - April 19, 2012

Do you love cool t-shirts? I bet you do. Did you hate the ending of Mass Effect 3? I BET YOU DID. Well now Shirt.Woot has the perfect item to cover both– the Mass Effect 3-themed “Shirt of the Day.” Keep reading to see the shirt, and how to pick yours up today!

I think I’ve bought more t-shirts from Shirt.Woot than any other single store, and their latest is definitely another gem. As they tend to do, the Marauder Shield meme spread like wildfire as soon as Mass Effect 3– and buzz of it’s highly disappointing ending– hit the web. And while this meme may not have the LOL-quality of the Boromir meme, or the Berks meme, I think this shirt really captures the swirl of excitement-turned-disillusionment that circled this game.

CLICK HERE to visit and pick up your Marauder Shield shirt today!

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