A Look At Sideshow’s Stellar Red Sonja

By bill - October 8, 2013

RED-SONJA-FEATThe She-Devil with a Sword has never looked better.

I’m not gonna lie– I adore most of what Sideshow Collectibles does.  If I were a rich man, I’d probably have a whole room dedicated to a Sideshow collection.  Even as a decidedly NOT-rich man, there are some pieces that are so tempting, I often consider taking the hit just to add them to my home display.

Red Sonja is definitely one of the most tempting releases they’ve done!  The iconic warrior gets this premium format statue, with tons of accurate detail in her costume and a bunch of extra features like a removable cloth cape and an alternate left arm, to hold up the severed head of her slain enemy.

The Red Sonja statue is up for preorder now, with plans to ship late Spring 2014.  If you’re so daring as to go in on this statue, you can preorder her HERE.

The She-Devil with a Sword

Introducing the fiery warrior of Hyrkania, Sideshow Collectibles is proud to present the Red Sonja – VICTORIOUS! Premium Format Figure. Forgoing heavy, restrictive armor, the fearless combatant wears her trademark scale mail bikini and a sumptuous fabric cape with a faux-fur collar. The unparalleled sword-master stands atop the helmet of a defeated opponent, raising the unworthy foe’s blade in triumph, her own sword dripping with blood.

With the additional Sideshow Exclusive accessory, her opponent is no mere mortal…instead she has challenged and defeated a formidable frost giant, and holds his severed head as a trophy of her victory.

The chosen favorite of the goddess Scathach stands undefeated, once again VICTORIOUS!

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