Custom Korner: Silver Sable Custom by Ron Greene

By jayq - May 30, 2014

ml-silver-sable-featThe mad genius Ron Green strikes again!

We featured Ron’s work with his take on Doomsday— a commission he did for me via the Ultimate Green Goblin BAF– a few weeks ago. Today he is back with a Marvel Legends style Silver Sable.

I had a vision of adding this gal to my Spider-Man shelf and when I kicked the idea around Ron said he would love to do it. Silver Sable was made from a RoML Mystique body and RoML Hope Summers head. He used a silver paint that gave the figure that nice shine her suit has in the comics.

If you look at the head, you can see where Ron ran a ribbon in her hair to give her that ever-present bandanna. Ron actually found a way to run it through the plastic which I thought was a very nice touch!

If you are on Facebook go and send him a message… he is always taking commissions and his prices are very fair!

Check back soon, as we continue showcasing some new and old custom figures.  If you have a custom figure you’d like to see featured here, email Bill–  Your figure may be the next one featured on Custom Korner!

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