Simon Pegg To Co-Write Star Trek 3

By bill - January 23, 2015

scotty-simon-peggStar Trek gets a new hope.

It’s crazy how a few small tweaks can totally change my opinions of a movie.  Take Star Trek 3, for example.  The third installment in JJ Abrams’ reboot of the sci-fi classic originally had the appeal of a dead fish– it was following up Into Darkness, a movie I am becoming more confident calling the worst Star Trek movie of all time (and that is a low, LOW bar to reach), and the third was being directed by Roberto Orci, the loathsome writer of the second movie (and countless other awful movies)… in his first directing gig ever.

This was all coinciding in a movie that seemed destined to be the nadir of quality for the Trek franchise, and it would be released on the 50th anniversary of the original series’ debut.  UGH.

But then something exciting happened… shortly after Orci abandoned the director’s chair, Justin Lin, of Fast and Furious fame, came on board.  Say what you will about the Fast series (as long as it’s nothing bad, because those movies are awesome), but Lin has certainly proven himself competent, capable and confident with both big action and energetic group dynamics, both of which will probably be very present in Star Trek 3.

So that was enough to give me a little hope in the movie I had all but written off until now.  Then, this week my disregard for the film was chipped away at even more with the news that Simon Pegg would be co-writing the next draft of the script.  Pegg is awesome (obviously) and honestly even the lesser things he’s written, like Run Fat Boy, Run, are way more fun than 90% of other movies.

For Trek 3, Pegg will be writing with Doug Jung, creator of the TNT series Dark Blue.  What remains to be seen is if their script will take ideas from the previously written version Orci was to direct, or if they’re starting from scratch.  If it’s the latter, as bummed as I’d be to say goodbye to a theoretical Bill Shatner appearance, it would easily be trumped by whatever coolness Pegg conjures up.

What does this all really mean?  It’s too early to tell if Star Trek 3 will actually be good… but things are finally looking up for Trek as we approach that big golden anniversary celebration.  And we’re now officially living in an era where both Star Trek and Star Wars are properties that fill me with intrigue and excitement and curiosity, instead of apprehension.  That’s a pretty freaking awesome feeling.

Source: Deadline

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