Is Simon Pegg Headed to a Galaxy Far, Far Away?

By bill - June 12, 2014

Will we see Shaun of the Sith in Star Wars Episode VII?

Simon Pegg is adored as one of the finest geek actors ever, and for good reason– not only has he created wonderfully realized characters in many amazing genre movies, but he’s a dyed in the wool geek, himself.  So much so that he’s taken to trashing Star Wars again and again, in interviews and even in his work on projects like the amazing Spaced.

It all stemmed from his heartbreak over how shitty The Phantom Menace was; like many of us, it sort of soured Pegg on all things Star Wars.  So even with his chum JJ Abrams behind the camera, it didn’t seem likely that Pegg would be a part of the new film series.  But now that may have changed, because according to IGN Middle East, the actor was sighted on the set of Episode VII in Abu Dhabi.

Most of Episode VII will be filmed in the UK, meaning if Pegg was simply visiting, it seems likely he’d wait until the production moved closer to him.  I can’t think of another reason to fly all the way to Abu Dhabi unless he was actually there for a role.  Even if this report is true… we have no idea what kind of role Pegg would play.  He went on record saying he didn’t want to be “stunt cast” in the movie previously, and hoped Abrams would rely on less known faces.  So maybe he’ll be an alien, buried deep in makeup and prosthetics?  Or acting and voicing a CGI creature?

That’s honestly what I would hope for.  of course, I adore Simon Pegg, and I typically love his involvement in any project… But I have to admit, seeing his face in Star Wars would kind of pull me out of the fantasy.  What do you think?  Is Pegg a good fit for the new Star Wars sequels?

Source: IGN Middle East

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