Sinister Six Gets A Release Date

By bill - July 23, 2014

Spider-man villains narrowed down for the sinister sixThe Spider-Man spinoff will hit theaters November 2016.

Sony has spent the summer silent and (supposedly) indecisive about the future of the Spider-Man franchise, mostly in light of the largely awful Amazing Spider-Man 2.  But now, we’re seeing some movement, right at the cusp of Comic Con– Sinister Six, the spin off movie starring six of Spidey’s foes in a bad guy super team, has a release date… November 11, 2016, to be precise.

What’s surprising about this is the rumors that the project was dead in the water, post-ASM2, but here we are– Nearly none of the villains have been revealed in the new Spidey movie universe, but this film will be hitting two years prior to Amazing Spider-Man 3, which has been pushed back to summer 2018 (probably to fix all the disastrous problems with the first two installments… but what “fix” means in this context is anybody’s guess).

Apparently, the Sinister Six movie will still work from the script by Drew Goddard, and his attachment is really my only investment in the movie, truth be told.  I think the idea of a villain-fronted comic book movie has some merit, but logistically I don’t see how Green Goblin can be any kind of protagonist worth investing in, after his last appearance on screen had him brutally murdering Peter Parker’s girlfriend.  Maybe Harry Osborn isn’t even a part of the cinematic Six?  Who knows.

As long as Goddard stays on board, it basically guarantees I will follow the development of this project, though not exactly comfortably.  Marc Webb is a talented filmmaker, and Sony’s executives have put him through the wringer twice now, leaving only two mediocre movies to show for all his trouble and commitment.  I’m hoping Goddard can fare better in the face of these suits and hacks at the studio…

Source: THR 

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