Look In The Sky…. It’s The LEGO Bat Signal

By kastor417 - January 5, 2017

The LEGO Batman Movie is less than a month away, and the sets just keep coming. One harder to get set is the LEGO Bat Signal set in stores this week.

There is no shortage of Batman Minifigures this year from LEGO. Almost all the sets have at least one Batman included, and the polybags offer different versions or accessories. This new set (5004930) includes another Batman, a build-able Bat Signal, stickers, and a poster. This set is only available at LEGO stores starting this week, for kids or lucky collectors, when you complete a scavenger hunt in the store. The set sold out within two days at our local LEGO store, so it’s in high demand and worth it.

Although you get yet another normal Batman, the signal itself is a simple build, with one piece making it hard to recreate without getting the set. The polybag set is made up of 41 pieces, with about 7 of them for the minifigure, making the signal 34 pieces. The signal is on a printed plate, so collectors can build this set no problem with odds and ends, except for that printed brick. It is an easy build and could look great on top of Arkham’s towers. The signal is an important part of the Batman world, so having it match the look of the other sets only adds to its importance in a collection.

Of all the sets coming out this will be one to track down, because once it is gone, it’s gone.

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