Sky Lynx Comes To The Combiner Wars

By kastor417 - April 21, 2016

Sky Lynx Kastors KornerSky Lynx the dino-cat from the 80’s is back in Transformers Combiners Wars. He is a little smaller but still cool to add to the Classics/Generations line.

One of the largest Transformers of Generation One was Sky Lynx, but in this new Classics world he is much smaller. I hunted him for over a month before I found him in a specialty store in MA, for normal retail price no less. Seeing him in the box I soooooo was excited, then I opened the box, that is when the 5 year old shed a tear. This Sky Lynx was one piece, there was no way to separate the top and bottom making him a Sky and a Lynx.

The Lynx part of the figure is part of the combiner feature, but having it missing from the normal figure was a big let down. I could accept the fact he is smaller if this was in fact two figures, and it would have even embraced the combiner theme, but nope he is all one figure. The transformation is simple, and he looks like the old figure, so the design team did a great job on those aspects. The little details on the figure are what separate this version from the G1 version. This new figureĀ is much more detailed and in vehicle form, the bot form is not as expressive as the G1 version which is surprising. I don’t know if it is the 5 year old imagination, or the figure but the old one felt more alive.

If you can find him grab him, right now he is short packed from what I have seen. He will help round out the Autobots team, and he does look great next to the rest of the line. Some people have found ways to manipulate the transformation and bring out the Lynx, but because of the construction of the figure there is no way to disconnect the two without a screwdriver.

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