Skybound Re-Creates The Walking Dead #100 At Comic-Con

By bill - June 16, 2016

negan-glenn-sdccIt’s been 50+ issues. Still too soon.

Every year, Skybound and McFarlane Toys team up to bring an exclusive Walking Dead action figure to San Diego Comic Con, and this year they’re shaking things up a bit, with a box set two-pack of figures.  The set is based on the infamous Issue #100 of the Image Comics series, and includes blood-splattered variants of Negan and Glenn (a part of the upcoming wave of comic-inspired figures due out this summer).  Each fully poseable figure features a unique, gory paint deco, an accessory (Lucille for Negan, and an axe for Glenn)… plus an alternate, bashed-in head for poor Glenn after he meets the business end of Lucille up close and personal.

Yup– the SDCC exclusive is Glenn, as he appeared in the tragic, stomach-twisting moments before his demise.

I can’t. I can’t even.

That being said, this is a great concept for a Con exclusive, especially because that gruesome headsculpt probably wouldn’t fly at retail, even for a boundary-pushing company like McFarlane. had the exclusive reveal of this set earlier in the week (Click Here to see more images, including the Black and White variant).  I discovered it on SDCC Blog, which has become THE go-to website for any details you could want about this summer’s show.

Now I’ve gotta go regain my composure, all over again… Thanks for that, Skybound.

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