Skybound Reveals Walking Dead SDCC Exclusives

By bill - July 2, 2014

ezekiel-featSkybound is bringing something for every fan of The Walking Dead to this year’s Comic Con.

Skybound has built themselves a nice little empire off the huge success of The Walking Dead, and they are once again celebrating that fact with a batch of San Diego Comic Con exclusives.  What I’ll give Kirkman and the Skybound team is this– they always work with some great people on their products, and the lineup of talented creators and companies that made this year’s exclusives is no different.

Topping the list for many collectors will be the all new Ezekiel figure from McFarlane Toys.  Unlike last year’s kitbashed Governor in battle armor, the Kingdom’s leader is an all new sculpt, and adds another cool new face to McFarlane’s ever growing Walking Dead toy line.

But the replica Lucille bat from October Toys is pretty great, too, offering a nice three dimensional translation of Negan’s weapon of choice.  And the Rick Grimes and Invincible mini figures feature some great stylized sculpts by Scott Tolleson.  And if you’re into October Toys’ PVC miniatures, SDCC will offer up three new characters for that collection, in variant colorways.

Read up on all the exclusives here… which ones are you excited to add to your collection?

EzekielThe Walking Dead Ezekiel Action Figure ($25). Ezekiel is the next character in Skybound’s exclusive lineup of limited edition The Walking Dead action figures from McFarlane Toys. Ezekiel comes with his trademark sword-cane and is available in full color and black & white with blood splatter.

VannenRollManifest Destiny Watch ($75). Vannen once again brings style to your wrist with the latest Skybound Exclusive watch, this time featuring artwork from the breakout hit, Manifest Destiny. Each watch is signed by writer Chris Dingess and artist Matthew Roberts. Limited to 150 pieces.

LucilleThe Walking Dead Lucille Vinyl Mini Replica Bat ($40). Negan’s favorite lady, Lucille,immortalized in vinyl and designed by the team at October Toys. This vinyl mini replica bat is limited to 2500 pieces.

Vinyl2Shot REVISEDSkybound Minis Rick and Invincible 2-Pack ($20). A limited edition double blind box set of Skybound Minis, featuring Rick from The Walking Dead and Invincible from the self titled series. The minis were designed by Scott Tolleson and will be limited to 5000 sets. With six possible colors for each figure, each box is a mystery.

LineUpPurpleThe Walking Dead Abraham, Andrea and Jesus PVC Miniatures 2-packs ($10 each). Next in the series of The Walking Dead PVC Miniatures are Abraham, Andrea and Jesus each packed with a gruesome zombie. Designed by October Toys, these PVC miniatures come in 4 different colors (Grey, Grey with blood splatter, Purple and Glow in the Dark). Limited to 500 of each color for Purple and GID, 250 each for Grey and Grey with blood splatter.

EzShirtThe Walking Dead Ezekiel’s Button Down Shirt ($40). The Kingdom’s iconic leader, Ezekiel’s star-patterned button down shirt was designed by the team at Jinx. Limited to 500 pieces total.

See even more exclusives– including some variant comics and new collected editions– at Skybound’s website.

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