Sleepy Hollow is Changing

By kastor417 - August 24, 2015

Sleepy Hollow 112 113Sleepy Hollow is adding two and losing a whole lot when it returns this fall. It is not usual for a show to change settings or format as it grows, but this season Sleepy Hollow is getting rid of most of the cast and changing things around. The first season was a hit, a little goofy, but a fun show. It was another Fox show with one person with their feet on the ground and one with ideas of the occult, X-Files anyone, but it worked. Then Fox had to go and make it a full show and all the fun that cam out of feeling a tight story in a short season went out the window. Expanding the story to a full 20 plus episodes left many fans feeling tired, and in many way disinterested in the the little show that could from season one. We accepted the plot holes because the relationship between Mills and Crane was so much fun to watch.

There were moments in season 2 that were fun, but overall it was not as strong as the first season. Most of the cast is gone for season 3, with two new actors joining the cast as series regulars this year. The dynamic will change, making many fans wonder if this show will see a season four.

So are you ready for a all new Sleepy Hollow, or should we just let go and remember the good times we had?

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