Snake Plissken Escapes From the Toy Aisle

By bill - March 4, 2015

snake-plissken-retro-featNECA’s newest retro action figure is the coolest Snake Plissken toy ever.

Snake Plissken from John Carpenter’s Escape From New York may never have achieved the same mass appeal notoriety as your John Rambo’s or Arnold Schwarzenegger’s, but that’s fine.  We all know, deep down, Snake is the baddest of the badasses, and Escape From New York is a true gem among cult classic films.  And now, we know one more thing, too… Snake Plissken makes for one awesome retro figure.

NECA’s latest Mego-inspired action figure brings Plissken to life, with a cloth outfit including the worn leather jacket, black tank top and urban camo pants.  These soft goods are accompanied by some wonderfully detailed, sculpted boots, a belt with holsters for both of Snake’s guns, and an all new head sculpt.  The Kurt Russell portrait is great– he’s instantly recognizable as both the actor and character– and everything from the gloriously wavy hair, to the eye patch, to the painted-on 5 o’clock shadow comes together perfectly.

Snake features the new and improved “2.0” retro body NECA overhauled, and the subtle changes really add up.  New bicep swivels offer the arms a much wider range of motion, and the thigh swivels make the figure feel much more dynamic, capable of stances we’ve never seen before from other retro figures.  Despite these steps up in articulation, and the highly detailed portrait, Snake still retains the retro/ Mego feel, thanks to the slightly oversized head, hands and weapons, and the cloth clothing.  Overall, he strikes the perfect balance between a vintage 70s toy and a well done, modern action figure.

Snake Plissken Retro NECA 034The cloth work on this figure is great; each article of clothing fits well, without bunching up and making the figure overly bulky.  The jacket and shirt are designed to be removable, so you can display Snake either rocking his leather jacket, in his tank top, or shirtless to show off the cobra tattoo on his torso.  I love the weathering effect added to the jacket, too, which gives it a stylized sense of realism that adds to the retro charm of this figure.

As you’d expect considering the character, Snake is geared up with weaponry, as well.  The figure features his signature MAC-10, complete with a rubber strap and removable scope/ silencer.  He also includes revolver with its own oversized scope, a throwing star and an alternate hand to help hold the throwing weapon.  Both guns can be holstered on his belt, as well, a great touch to be sure.

Like the other retro figures in NECA’s collection, Snake is packed in a clamshell blister card featuring all new artwork.  I like this packaging quite a bit– it’s eye catching and sturdy, and (if you’re careful) allows you to open and repack the figure as you so desire.  Although, in the case of Snake Plissken, I can’t imagine he’ll ever be going back inside his packaging… he’s too damn fun to play with!

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