SnarfThere is no doubt, one way or another I will be bringing home a Snarf from SDCC this year thanks to Mezco!

This yeah one of Mezco’s exclusives is a furry plush Snarf, and while he annoyed the hell out of many of us in the 80’s he has to come home with me.

Straight from Third Earth comes one of the most beloved members of the ThunderCats family — Snarf.

Originally the nursemaid to young Lion-O, Snarf became the comedic — yet fiercely loyal — sidekick of the ThunderCats as Lion-O grew older.

The Snarf plush stands a snarfing eight inches tall and comes with an informative hang tag. Huggable and soft, he is ready to snuggle and watch TV or stand sentry over a ThunderCats collection — while snarfing, of course.

This Convention Exclusive will only be available on our website or at San Diego Comic Con at Mezco’s booth #3445.

Sure I could pre-order him from their site, but I don’t think I could wait that long to get him if I see him in person at the show. He is a great price and looks like the actual character, the only issue will be keeping my dog from attacking my new pet when I bring him home.

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