Sony Reveals More Images From the Powers Series

By patricksmith - September 24, 2014

powers-featIt’s a good day to be a Powers fan.

Four new pictures have been released by Sony pictures from the Powers set, including our first look at Noah Taylor as Johnny Royale and Olesya Rulin as Calista.  This latest set gives everyone just a little taste of what they can expect when Powers airs on the Playstation network.

Noah Taylor as Johnny RoyaleSuperhero InfluenceCalistaPilgrim and Walker

The images reveal quite a bit about the serious and somber tone of the show.  Noah Taylor looks like he’s bringing his own sort of personality to the character of Johnny Royale (projecting pure bad guy-ness), the picture of the prostitute dressed up as Zora really pushes the cultural impact of superhero worship that will drive the atmosphere of the show, there’s also another great picture of Walker and Pilgrim (Copley and Heyward) in a much more natural setting, and even our first look of Olesya Rulin in the role of Calista (possible spoilers).

For now that seems to be all that’s being revealed.  Fortunately for those attending New York City Comic Con, you will be the lucky few to have the chance to see the very first public trailer of Powers.  Until then, keep it tuned to Kastors Korner for all of your Powers news as it breaks.

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